Requiem to Twitter

With Twitter seemingly in its death spiral, I feel compelled to write this. After all, who knows if Twitter will still have the lights on come Monday.


I started my Twitter journey in the Spring of 2009 when the platform was becoming popular. For me it started as just another social media platform to try out and get on board with. The HBO show True Blood was a hit at the time, so there were some fandom tweets regarding the show at first. Then later I would find it useful for sharing business related news and other news related articles I found interesting at the time. On many nights, I would post late before going to bed. Shortly after, I would find that I gained new followers from many APAC countries due to the time difference.


Over time, I would continually gain more followers from all around the world. I started using the tool Tweepsmap to track my growth and country reach. It became my goal to reach at least one follower from every country without exception. This goal was met a few years ago while I averaged over 100K tweet impressions per month. Another goal of mine was met last year when I reached 50K followers.


I have used the platform to promote entrepreneurship, leadership, technical and business articles to make a global thought leadership impact. I have enjoyed reaching such a broad and diverse audience from all over the world. With a single Tweet, I was able to make an impression and hopefully educate and inspire others through what I shared.


It is very hard to predict what happens next. I would like to continue to share and have reach like I have experienced with Twitter. Perhaps I will join new platforms, but for now, I will continue to use Twitter for as long as I can as well as posting more frequently on my personal website and on LinkedIn.

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